Thursday, 14 April 2011

Tuna with a Twist

I LOVE cooking. I LOVE Eating even more.

I will baste, broil and caramelize everything and anything. I rarely cook the same thing twice (it never turns out the same on the second try and then I'm disappointed) 

But only when it comes to supper.

Breakfast consists of cold cereal or toast maybe a hot cereal if I get the craving.

And then there is lunch. I NEVER know what to make. 

I am home alone with the Gooberfish, so lunch has to be quick and easy because he no longer naps for more than 20 min at a time. So If I don't have time to savour the flavor why waste time making it??

So today I put Gooberfish down for a nap giving myself a whopping 20 min window for lunch.

I ended up making a kick-arse Tuna sandwich! 

and you can too! here's how:

Step 1: Start with a can of lovely tuna
drain water(give water to cat if you have one), mash it up in a bowl

Step 2: Add desired amount of Mayo

Step 3: Add a squirt of lemon juice

Step 4: add a small squirt of prepared mustard

Step 5: Add a dash or two of Cumin (my new Favorite spice!)

Step: last but not least, one turn of fresh ground pepper

You could probably add some nice celery or olives or something else, but this chicky needed a quick lunch so I threw it as is between two slices of french bread, had a glass of milk and by the time it was all gone Gooberfish was up!

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