Tuesday, 5 April 2011

The Gooberfish's Birth Story

I just realized that one year ago today I found out I was pregnant! So I thought it would be proper to share this story:

I would like to say that I had a pretty easy pregnancy. Morning sickness (no trips to the porcelain bowl just queasy) for about a month and that was it.

I was able to pack house with my hubby and move 8 hours away at 6 months into my pregnancy. I was doing yardwork at 7 months and I felt fine the whole way through. All of the complaints from other moms, I just didn't feel!  My doctor said that everything will probably go fine and be a breeze for delivery...I agreed with a smile :)

Boy did I eat those words...

My initial due date was Dec. 8 then they moved it to Dec. 1. So on the night of Nov. 27 I was none too worried after I scarfed down some late night Chinese food. 

at 2 AM I started feeling pains in my lower abdomen and I cursed Ming's Wok, vowed to never go back and went back to bed.

at 5 AM I woke up to the pains again and I thought that this might actually be some action happening. I opened the good ole "What to Expect..." book and looked up signs of labour. I did NOT want to go all the way to the hospital just to be sent home (we live 2 and 1/2 hrs away). 

Hubby woke up and we decided better safe than sorry, so we showered, tossed the luggage into the truck and hit the road at around 6 AM. We saw 9 deer on the highway that night, great timing wildlife!

I was still in shock, I didn't believe that it was actually happening, I wasn't due for a few more days and EVERYONE I knew went over their due date with the first one. 

By the time we reached the hospital the contractions were pretty severe and they seemed very close together. I had my birth plan in hand and I was ready! I was wondering if I would have to start pushing soon?  when they finally check me out I got the horrible news...I was only 1cm dilated. That was it!? 

It hurt SOOO bad and the contractions were so close!  I tried walking around and at one point we were going to leave the hospital and go walk the mall, we got as far as the lobby and I begged my hubby for us to stay. All of the walking helped me move another cm. I went in the hospital jacuzzi and hubby readto me while I worked through the pain. By this time it was 5 PM and I was only about 3cm.

They asked me what kind of pain relief I wanted and I kept saying no. 

I had my plan.

 No pain killers. No episiotomy if possible. No onlookers. No Internal monitor. No forceps. Baby comes right to me when born...

After 14 hours my plan started its downward tumble.  I finally accepted the epidural after the concern for my baby being in distress. 

The Doctor finally told me that I was on my way but that the baby was face up instead of face to spine. I would have to go on all fours and try to sway the baby into proper position. 

I did this for 1 and 1/2 hours and it was excruciating. All that work was to no avail, baby did not turn.

It was 30 hours later and I was tired and I wanted to push more than anything in the world. It felt like I was holding everything in with all my might. 

Then I got some more bad news. The baby was going into distress and meconium had been released, the NICU team would have to come in to suction the baby's mouth out so it would not be ingested. 
 I would not get to hold him right away.
I broke down into tears, I didn't care anymore about my plan I just wanted a healthy baby. 

Finally It was time to push!

Pushing is an art I found out. While I did push for nearly an hour and a half it only felt like 10 minutes. 

I had great support. Two female doctor's, a really sweet nursing holding one leg, my hubby holding the other! The only annoying thing was an intern who had to sit down "because she was too hot" . Really?! I was sweating buckets and she needed to sit out for a break? 

It seemed to be going well. 

At least that is what they told me. 

My hubby told me after that they were getting ready for an emergency c-section.

At one point baby's heart rate drop in half. and he was stuck.

 They gave me an episiotomy, still no baby...

They used the forceps, still no baby...

They used the vacuum, still no baby...

The entire time I had my eyes squeezed shut. I opened them only to see lots of people and tools and it was so scary I had to close them again. It was better that way.

I remember my mouth being SOOOO dry, hubby fed me ice chips which felt like pure amazing incredibleness on my lips and throat.

Finally with both women pulling with all their might and myself pushing with all my might. I remember praying to God, Please let me deliver this baby NOW. 

And then he came. In my fog of a mind I remember the Dr. saying "it's a boy!"
 We never found out the sex beforehand but at that moment I was not surprised at all. I think deep down I always knew a little man was coming (maybe because the first time he kicked, hubby and I were watching "Rambo")

Hubby wanted to cut the cord, but with the complications he just told them to do it so they could quickly get our son suction out. 

His Apgar score was only 4. He did not have much life left in him.

Then I heard the most amazing little cry. He sounded like a baby mouse squeaking.

I couldn't wait to hold him. 

Then I thought, what is this poor child going to look like?? He was prodded and pulled beyond belief!

When he was placed in my arms all I could think of was how perfect he was. Everyone was shocked that he had such a nice round head (though a little large).

So at 11:47 AM on Nov 29 God blessed us with a perfectly healthy baby boy.

He has a rather large birthmark down the center of his forehead. Hubby and I joke that it is from God helping to pull him out!

We didn't have a set name either. Some ideas were always just floating around. But as soon as I held him I knew what I wanted and I hoped hubby would agree. Funny enough he said he had a name picked as soon as he saw him come out. 

We both picked the same name. Thank goodness one thing went as planned!

So that is how little Gooberfish was born. His name is not really Gooberfish, but thats another story...


  1. he's beautiful. two out of three of my children have what is called a "stork" bite on the back of their necks..in the same spot. have faded over time, but I can still see it.
    I love hearing about birth stories!

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