Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Pray for Poop!

After 15 long days Gooberfish pooped!  

I called a Doctor and she told me 10 days was o.k. but 15 was getting excessive. She wanted to consult another specialist so she told me she would call back. 

Sure enough within that  timeframe little Goob started crying and squirming, I felt so bad for him so I just held his little hands and sobbed right along with him. 

He was really getting upset and I prayed. 

Out loud.

I prayed for poop.

I swear the second I said "Amen" we had lift off. 

It wasn't the mass amount that everyone said it would be, but it was better than nothing. 

And that folks, is the power of Prayer. 

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  1. When my sons would get constipated I would massage their little bellys and add probiotics into their diet. You can open the capsule up and pour it into their milk or on food. Or add it to some applesauce for added help.