Tuesday, 19 April 2011

How to catch a cat

Until now I have always loved cats.

Cute, cuddly little furballs.

Then I move to a town where the population of strays rivals that of people. 
We own a cat and as a result EVERY stray has to make it known to our cat that he is treading on their turf.

And they do this by peeing on our house!!!

Yep. You heard me. PEE. Right on our house. 

CAT PEE.  I don't think much else can rival that stank grossness. 

Now that the weather is getting nicer I really want to bleach and scrub our house clean, but what is the point when they just keep peeing??

Step in my AMAZING handy husband.

A couple of youtube video's later and he built us not one but two traps. Best part is he did it with scraps from our garage!


Our trap has successfully worked twice! 

When I looked at the one feline we had caught my tender heart came out and I felt sorry for it, thinking maybe someone did own this cat.

Then it chomped out a piece of wood with its teeth. 

We happily had pest control take it away.

Here's to hoping we are on our way to being pee free.

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