Wednesday, 20 April 2011

How to LOVE your clothes

I recently read an article that was about loving your wardrobe.

I like my wardrobe, but I don't love it.

I would really like to love it.

I never made a New Years Resolution (it's not to late is it?) anyways I think I will now.

I resolve to love my clothes, and get rid of what I hate.

This article said that the best way to buy only clothes that you will love is to take the top five of something, say Tops, and find what is similar between them that makes you love them. 

Here are my top five:

So what is similar?

  • Bold Color - I have 2 bright purple tops plus 1 yellow
  • Prints- 4 of the 5 have some kind of print on them
  • Fit- All are fitted but not too tight
  • Material- 3 are 100% cotton, the other 2 are cotton blends
Conclusion: If I stick to the similarities I shouldn't go wrong. Beware of duplicates though (how many bright purple tops do I need??) I am also aware that these are very casual tops and that I do need something to dress up in occasionally. 

Also methinks that the look I have going here might be a little young for my age. 
The big 3-0 is headed my way fast.
But I love what I love!

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