Thursday, 16 June 2011

Sometimes I am embarrassed...

I don't watch hockey much. 
At all. Ever.

But I was sorta listening in on the playoffs since a Canadian team was in the finals.

In my heart I cheered for them a little since I heard it had been many years since they had a big win.

After I read last night that the Canucks lost, I thought to myself...too bad, better luck next year.

But when I watched the news this morning I was absolutely appalled by what I saw.

Some of my fellow Canadians were taking their rage of the loss to the streets and causing riots, fires and looting.


So they lost....GET OVER IT!!!

Don't think that you have to prove a point by turning into a bunch of goons and destroying your own home over it!  

I really think that most individuals are rational, but you put people in a group and suddenly they turn into a bunch of lunatics.

I even saw one guy on the news who was prepared to be an idiot and had some flammable liquid in an eye dropper that he used to light a police car on fire. 


I could go on and on about the stupidity of people in a group but I will stop here.

I will however apologize and assure everyone that not all Canadians act like this. 

We are mostly a good friendly lot who would love just to sit and enjoy Tim Horton's coffee.

Cheers, Eh!

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