Thursday, 9 June 2011

Don't pi$$ me off or I'll send in the cops!!

So being a stay at home momma has made funds a little tight around the household. 

Naturally I look around for things to sell. 

Dresses that I never plan on wearing. Perfect.

Some even with tags on. Even more perfect.

I put three dresses up for sale on a website hoping some young gal might need a dress for a soiree of sorts.

After much waiting I got a bite. 

A kind young lady (high school age) wanted one of the dresses but she was worried it might not fit. Being four hours away I thought the best answer would be to send it to her in the mail. 

I am trusting. I try to see the best in people. After much emailing back and forth she seemed very trustworthy.

I sent the dress. She got it in the mail and LOVED it, perfect fit she even said.

I asked her to send me the $ and I gave her a variety of options to do so.

She wanted my bank account number to do a direct deposit.


I told her no-can-do, I don't give out that info and then again gave her another list of options.

That would be the last I heard from her.

I emailed every other day, I said kind nice words.



What could I do??  She lived four hours away

Lucky for me she lived in a small town. Within a few hours I had her phone number, mom's name and place of work. 

I had no luck contacting her by phone. Maybe she was on to me??

So I called the boys in blue. 
Thats right.

The cops. It is a small town and the nice young man I spoke to over the phone was more than welcome to track her down for me. 

I only wished I could have seen the look on her face when she answered the door to a police officer looking for my $.

Needless to say he got me my cash. 

Yes I learned a valuable lesson, Don't trust anyone no matter how nice they might seem online, get $ first!

Fool me once...I call the Police   HAHAHA

You don't mess with this type of crazy

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