Friday, 13 May 2011


The Gooberfish has been growing quite nicely if I do say so myself. He seems to be a nice, cheerful, sensitive 5 month old. 

It bothers me a little when as soon as I took him to visit my parents and he lets out some whimpers and even has a little cry that they assumed something was the matter with him.

He is a baby. 

Babies cry. Did they forget that?

We had driven 8 hours across country only to have them ask what was wrong with him. 

We threw his personal schedule off and he did not nap at his proper times, he was forced to sleep in a bed that wasn't his, he was in a strange house filled with strange people, so ya a little cryin' is what we had to endure. 

I love my parents, God bless them, but REALLY?! 

Now that we are safe and sound back at home they keep asking if he doing better. 

Rest assured HE IS FINE. 

Next time Grandma and Grandpa should drive 8 hours, I will make them sleep on cots in the basement and we can see how cranky they are in the morning :)

Aside from that Gooberfish has entered the world of food! He really enjoys his rice cereal with breast milk.

He has also moved from his bassinet to his crib (sniff sniff momma is doing fine...)

But we really enjoy our afternoon snuggle and sleep in the big bed :)

Have a great Friday everyone!

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