Tuesday, 17 May 2011


I love the great outdoors. There is just something wonderful about being outside after spending the last 7 months stuck inside wearing my warm woolies. 

But sadly for about 2-3 weeks every spring I have to take the good with the bad. 

I am allergic to spring. 

All those lovely pollenating plants make me want to gouge out my itchy eyes with spoons while standing on the mountain of tissue I use each and every day. 

I NEVER had any allergies as a kid, they actually developed after my first year of university. 

How does this happen? I thought I had a nice clean break from developing anything that late in the game. 

Oh well. With my pockets stuffed with tissues I will go outside and I WILL enjoy the precious little warmth that we have here in the great white north. 

I may have red eyes and a snotty nose but at least I am happy and warm :) 

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  1. I found you via blogfrog. Another fellow Canadian here! I am B.C. looks you're in ON. Allergies suck big time I hear you on that. I am not sure if your breast feeding or not, I did. I was told by my doctor I could take Aerius. But, I'd check with yours before hand if you are BFing. I was looking for your birth story from the birth plan thread... I'd love to read it.