Tuesday, 3 May 2011


So I just got home from Easter Vacation.

Not sure if I can really call it a vacation.

According to my vacation checklist, a vacation must:

  • be relaxing (or hectic but superfun ex. Disneyland)
  • hot and sunny
  • fruity slushy drinks consumed 
But sadly I was not very relaxed, it was cold and wet, and the closest I got to a "fun" drink was a pink grapefruit slurpee from Seven Eleven. 

Oh well, we drove for 6 hours to go see my family and some old friends, we ate loads of Easter yum yums and introduced Gooberfish to everyone who had not met him yet.

But next year I swear we are going to Hawaii.

Easter Egg Hunt in Grandma's backyard

Gooberfish's cousins: Mini M, Middle M and Big M

Gooberfish enjoying his time outdoors

Meeting my best friend J and her son 

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