Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Prepping for summer

Hubby and I have been waiting for this for a looooooong time.


Not just any ol' summer, I mean the kick back and have a frosty drink in backyard, go for long walks, maybe even a little camping and hiking kind of summer.

We are always moving. Always.

With us both being teachers you would think that we would have these gorgeous summer holidays. 

But alas teachers are a dime a dozen. No one needs us for more than year.

And then we are off to the next city/province/country to endure a year of teaching into the unknown of where we will be at the end of it.

Last summer was horrendous because not only were we moving eight hours away from our home, but I was 6 months pregnant. 


hubby has a job secured in the same place so we can stay put. 

Hopefully our fence and deck building project is complete before summer holidays start.

I can't wait for us to kick back with some fruity slushy summer drinks!

1 comment:

  1. I love summer. We don't have to wake anyone up for school, as my oldest is not a morning person. We can do whatever we want, play outside or go to the park....swim...