Wednesday, 30 March 2011

My Recovery from Makeupoholism

I have a confession.

At one point in time I was a serious makeupoholic. Laugh as you may but I think it was serious enough that giving up make-up was one of the hardest things I have ever done.

I LOVED wearing make-up.

and I was good. Oh so good.

Having a knack for art made me see great color combinations and blending techniques.

It all started when I was about 14 years old. My mom is a makeupoholic through and through. So inevitably I saw it as natural a part of womanhood. 

I started wearing make-up everyday and people noticed. no wait ....boys noticed. I wasn't really an ugly duckling or anything but suddenly I was regarded as being pretty. Heck I even passed for a 16 year old which was a HUGE deal.

So many years passed and the make-up wore on. It got to the point where I should have known I was a serious makeupoholic when just the mere thought of going out in public without make-up was enough to make me break out in a cold sweat. 

One of my first years teaching I was in full make-up mode.
 Then life as I knew it changed. 

I was no longer wearing the make-up. The make-up was wearing me. I was the "pretty" teacher who the kids only loved because I was "pretty". I knew I was more than that. I had to change.

I felt naked without it and we all know you don't go out naked.

It took a LOT of strength and courage and love from my husband in order for me to leave the house sans make-up. The hardest part was my first day teaching without it. The kids noticed, other teachers noticed, I wanted to crawl into a hole and die.

I saw some of my former students later on (they were now in Jr. high) each one of them had a full face on. 

I cringed. These girls were so pretty without makeup. 

I knew then I had made the right choice. I could be staring into the face of my future daughter. I want her to see mommy for who she is and that daddy loves her regardless. 

It has now been about a year and a half since I quit. I must say I feel fine. I don't even think twice about going shopping or out to dinner without it. I must have spent hundreds of dollars per year on the stuff and now I am seeing more savings by giving up my habit.

I have another confession. I still wear make-up on the very odd occasion (maybe about 5 times since I quit) but these were actual events or celebrations. I want my future daughters to know that it is o.k. to wear it only for very special occasions. I have LOADS of leftover make-up and I don't plan on buying any more, I will just use what I have if any really special event comes up.

This time I knew I was wearing the make-up. Not the other way around.
Me in full make-up mode

No make-up!

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