Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Happy Four Month B-day!

Today my little Gooberfish is four months old! I really marvel at all the things he has accomplished in his short life. 

Instead of doing a face plant into the carpet while on his tummy he can actually hold his head up high and also expel a large amount of drool.

He used to watch me dangle his little toys in front of him and now he is reaching out to grab them, he talks to them and inspects them before plopping them into his mouth. 

He is starting this crazy half-roll from his back but then ultimately gets stuck halfway, the lower part of his little body facing the floor while the upper part faces to the side, he just can't seem to lob his head over his shoulder. Oh well he is very persistent!

So not only does this mark four months of life it has also been a week since he has pooped! Every doctor and nurse (yes, I have talked to many!) assures me this is normal for an exclusively breast-fed baby....hmmmm...I will be happy when I see some doo-doo.

Happy Four months little Goob!

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